We offer a full colour matching service, along with any of the major colour ranges – RAL, BSC and NCS so you can be certain of getting the colour you really want.
Please check our statement of colour accuracy as there is important information regarding returns on them.
Please be aware that your monitor may display the colours (very) differently to their true colours so checking with a colour chart is a reliable way of getting the right colour.

Please click on the image to view the colour range with colour code and name.

BSC – British Standard Colours

Using a naming system that describes the colour according to position on the spectrum.
This colour system has these different charts:

BSC 2660

BSC 381C

BS 4800

BS 5252

NCS – Natural Colour System

ncs – 1

ncs – 2

ncs – 3 

ncs – 4

ncs – 5

ncs – 6

ncs – 7

ncs – 8

RAL colour system

RAL classic colours

Glitter Paint Colour Range

Glitter paint colour options