Ceiling and wall paint

We stock and recommend trade paint for the simple reason, it does a better job. It is a quality paint which means coverage is superior to cheaper paints, the colours are more reliable and the results last longer.

Matt ceiling and wall paint

The different finishes are for different effects and can be used to make the best of the walls and ceiling being decorated, for example a matt finish is better for older, uneven walls as the reflected light is muted – the surface irregularities are minimised for a smoother effect.

Silk ceiling and wall paint

Silk offers a more reflective surface but can be more hard wearing, great for lower light entrance rooms. Vinyl additives in paint make the finish wipeable and acrylic adds resilience to knocks, perfect for little ones’ bedrooms or for areas with high traffic.

It can be difficult choosing the right paint for the right room but we can certainly help you and starting with excellent quality paints is the first step.

Choose from the different finishes below: